XvsX Sports brings competitive basketball experiences to cities globally for men and women.

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XvsX Sports is a sports events and media company that brings localized competitive basketball experiences to men and women locally, connecting and bringing exposure to sports enthusiasts with opportunities to monetize their skill set. XvsX Sports is targeting the mass group of sports enthusiasts to engage with each other online and offline and not just the elite talent.

About the company
Sporting Competition, Events and Gaming

XvsX Sports Tour will offer fan participation and IRL games for an ultimate experience. Our goal is to discover and bring attention to the best sports enthusiasts and brands in our collective communities and provide fans new ways of supporting and interacting with their favorite players and influencers.


Celebrity Charity Golf Classic

December 4, 2023

Wood Ranch Golf Club 301 N Wood Ranch Pkwy, Simi Valley

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    Company Vision & Mission

    Founded by Passion and Love, our mission is to positively impact communities through live sporting events, educational & social initiatives for the whole community.

    XvsX Sports collaborates with our influencers, celebrities, professional athletes & local talent to connect and compete.

    Our Reach

    XvsX Sports has an aggregate reach of 13M across Instagram via our talent network of Celebrities, Influencers, current and ex-pro players.

    Social Media Strategy

    XvsX Sports talent network has an aggregate reach of 30M across all social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and the XvsX Sports website.

    Original Content

    XvsX Sports provides all original content by hosting live events (to be used for digital & broll purposes), along with securing traditional media coverage at each event.


    We are proud to have the support of our sponsors and partners who share our passion for the game.
    Together, we are able to create unforgettable experiences and make a positive impact on the basketball community.

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