Welcome to the XvsX Sports community. We offer opportunities for players of all levels to find organized games and leagues, connect with others and even gain exposure to go pro.

Join the XvsX community to meet pro players, agents, coaches, scouts, influencers and other players. Organize & join local games, share tips, videos and pics. Download the XvsX Sports app today!

XvsX Sports was founded by Metta World Peace and seasoned tech entrepreneurs to provide opportunities for players to monetize their skill set, gain exposure, and increase their connections within the basketball community.

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XvsX Sports offer players, coaches, scouts, trainers, league organizers, agents, brands and more a platform to connect, share content and opportunities. 

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Basketball opportunities


Players can track their stats for life, find and meet other players of similar skill level, and engage with both the recreational and pro-basketball communities.

Game Hosts 

Basketball Game Hosts can create games, leagues, practice schedules and invite players directly from app.  Hosts can also collect user fees directly within app. 


Gyms can book underutilized space and time and accept payments directly through the app and help market and monetize their courts.