XvsX Sports platform makes it easy for Basketball Players to create games and get exposure as a locally competitive basketball player

Invite players from your contacts & social media to games you set-up.  Games typically take a couple days to put together. Now with the XvsX app, your effort pays off as you bring players to the court or gym and ball out.  

Your support. your game.

Founded by Metta World Peace, XvsX Sports Basketball offers opportunities for local basketball players to connect with each and have a voice in the basketball community. 

XvsX Sports are Head Quartered in Sherman Oaks California, and currently running local all star basketball games monthly.  XvsX Sports also allows you to support other users buying giving cash transfers. Basketball Players ofter have a difficult getting to games and we provide an easy solution to make sure you can get your players to the game. Be sure to gather up friends and family , get them on the app , create a game and play anywhere. Games can be played outdoors or indoors. 

find games to play in or watch

Grow and support your local communities by playing organized games. Use the XvxX app to invite players, organize times and even sell tickets.

great content

The app feed features the best basketball content being generated all over the US. Add yours to get exposure and followers. Enjoy the community, tips and good vibes.

personal & community revenue

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let’s talk money

XvsX Sports allows for players to recieve support donations. You can also create your team and recieve donations and support for your teams. Make sure you have friends and family donate to your team so you can do what you have to do for your team.

We believe that sports can unite, heal and create healthier communities & that now is the time to bring some of the giant sports worlds money back into everyday communities.

a supportive community

Real players.

Basketball opportunities


 Players benefit from XvsX Sports because of you can find a game that fits your skill Level. It is very important that you find players to play with or engage with people on the app. with direct message and follow buttons, you should be able to find the right group of players. Games can be played indoor or outdoor. Try to get your local gyms to sign up and actually run games. And anywhere you travel to , create games in the app to build up your record.

Game Host 

Basketball Game Host benefit tremendously from XvsX Sports because players are always looking for a place to play. When players find out that you are the go to guy or girl for games , game host gain exposure as a basketball enthusiasts. Being a game host can prepare you for coaching and even baskteball operations. 


Gyms help the local competitive sports community by signing up to the app and running games. Not all players have the right connections to show off there skills, so on the XvsX sports app and a good gym to play in, players can get better while potentially getting good video  of themselves to post on their profile  and gain exposure .