A great basketball game on Tuesday Night!!

Two awesome basketball games were on display at the YMCA on Tuesday, the first being Cookies vs Milan Modelz, which followed the dominant performance last week by #31, Drew Edelman, in points for the Modelz.

The Cookies were not going to let that happen.  Cookies would not let #31, Edelman, (Modelz) post up in the paint, making it hard for #31 (Modelz) to set up a rhythm in the basketball game. #31 (Modelz) would get double and triple-teamed all during all four quarters.  Miss #31 (Modelz) would get her shots off in the third and fourth, but it would come with many bruises and scrapes.

Miss #32 (Modelz) Miller would make her mark in this basketball game with her 3-point shooting making 3-4 in the first half.

It was Miller time minus the beer – just Gatorade. #22 Luciel (Modelz) contributed with a lovely pull-up jumper. #2 Ashley (Cookies) would let it fly with her signature corner three-pointers and defend her opponents well.

Cheryl Miller Basketball GIF by HBO - Find & Share on GIPHY

#22 (Cookies) Ariel had great drives and kicks to find the open shooter. She is always trying to push the pace and very vocal on the sidelines. Cookies were down most of the game, but the Cookies made a run to close the gap to start the fourth.  #12 Cookies, lay-up, and a top of the key jumper.  #32 Destiny (Cookies) drew the foul and 1!

#24 Jayda (Cookies) with a putback and great defense on #31 (Modelz) was showing heart throughout the game, diving for loose balls at any cost. In the stands they compare her to Tamera Young, a star!

Going into the 4th quarter the basketball game started even; Cookies decided to turn it up a notch with their defense and shooting.  #2 Ashley (Cookies) hit big shots and the dagger from #30 Britney (Cookies).  Cookies are still undefeated with a 79-71 victory.

We want to welcome our XvsX fans & community to download the app and come watch our teams play some fun basketball in the heart of the valley!


The second ladies’ night basketball game was between the Atlanta Soul and the Sichuan Pandaz. This game was a nail-bitter as usual.

The game highlights were # 20 Candance with Pandaz hit big shots. She can see everything with her laser-focused eyes, her jumper was on fire just like Alysha Clark!

 She was hitting shots off the glass, a kiss off the glass.  #1 Hearns for Pandaz was handling the rock like a Flintstone, and she has no weakness in her handle like Kyrie Irving. She has many tricks in her bag; you don’t know if she will pop a rabbit out of a hat or shoot a step-back jumper. She was lovely in her moves to the basket.

Pandaz went up early, leading 45 -34 at the half with great jump shots from Miss Powell #12, #22 Tori good defense, and hard-fought rebounds from #8 Blockmon.

We all thought the Pandaz would win big as they would not miss in the first half. The Atlanta Soul would show signs of life in the third quarter, with big shots from #1 (Atl Doul) and #12 Hunter. #12 Hunter (Atl Soul) would hit a big buzzer-beater to tie up going into the fourth at 62-62.  To start the fourth #30 (Atl Soul) was not letting anyone get rebounds when she was in the game; she had some lovely putbacks. #32 Thompson (Pandaz) made a strong comeback from last week as she was hitting tuff buckets in the lane with defenders draped all over her. She also had some big layups in the fourth.

It came down to the wire after #1 (atl soul) hit a big three pointer and after that #8 (atl Soul) hit another three-pointer, and it looked like the Soul were going to steal the win. Pandaz could barely hold on to the lead and it would go down free throws with #31 (Atl Soul) making 1-2 and #8 (Pandaz) also going 1-2. The game would be 86-85 with one final shot to win, but no cigar as #1 (Atl Soul) would miss. The final score for this basketball game was 86-85 Pandaz.