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Exclusive Insider At The Meta Panda Club Launch Event

Exclusive Insider At The Meta Panda Club Launch Event

On Friday, April 15, The Meta Panda Club held its official launch event at the W Hotel in Hollywood, and it was a great success as Lifo, XvsX Sports staff and players came together to celebrate the launch of Meta Panda Club.

The club is a community we’re creating to give you, our XvsX Sports community, more opportunities for exposure and access to a new and wider fan base. An additional goal with MPC is to generate opportunities for players and XvsX teams and leagues to monetize and financially benefit from being involved within the community.

The vision of MPC is to create the world’s largest decentralized basketball community for the metaverse and physical world – with XvsX Sports at the center. We encourage you to get on Discord in the “General” chat section and start engaging with our community there.

Our Discord server currently has 5850 community members and offers you a chance to post your own videos and pictures and gain exposure to a brand new audience and demographic. The MPC Discord community is very passionate about basketball and will love engaging with you, our players. By being active within the MPC community, you’re gaining a new audience and fan base for yourself with a demographic that typically has more disposable income than the general population, so we encourage you to market yourselves within the MPC Discord Server.

See metapandaclub.com or email us for more info!

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