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Game 6: Written By, Italo Tassara

Game 6: Written By, Italo Tassara

It was a cold night at the Van Nuys YMCA Basketball court.  With two great matchups between four dulcet basketball teams.

Game one of this doubleheader was between the ATL Soul and Modelz. There was a lot of drama here on ladies’ night; going into this game, the Modelz would have to win to advance to the championship game.  This basketball game was played with Gold Rules, which always makes for a fun night at the XvsX league.

Milan Modelz

Miss Miller #32 Modelz would start the game off hot for the Modelz as she would hit three 3 pointers beginning the game.

#31 Edelman Modelz, with her excellent positioning in the paint, would also wreak havoc for her defenders, finishing with 39 points and 17 rebounds.

Edelman goes for the bucket

#8 Amani for the ATL Soul had a few steals and break-away layups to keep the game close.

#30 Monica Atl Soul with a layup assist from #8 Amani. Big Block on #31 Edelman in the paint.

#1 Sweat for pushing the pace, good jumpers throughout the game.

2on2 gold rules!

#31 and #2 Modelz vs. #8 and #30 ATL Soul, the game’s highlight with the best players of this game so far, would match up exchanging buckets.

#30 vs. #31 would battle in the paint all night.

Miss #32 Miller Modelz and #31 Edelman would go on a run with 6:50 left to put the game out of reach.  Modelz won 88 – 73.

The ladies played their hearts off on the basketball court! Some of the nicest basketball shoes in the league tonight, the vibe at the YMCA was perfect.

Monica, Team ATL Soul VS Drew Edelman, Team Milan Modelz

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Game Two

Team Sichuan Pandaz

Game two would be even more dramatic.  If the Pandaz win or score more than 98 points, they would advance past the Modelz to play in the Championship money game against the Cookies.  The Cookies came to the basketball court undefeated.  Cookies are used to taking it easy in the first three quarters.  They have played together for a long time and know-how to come back towards the end and win like the Lebron-led Lakers.

Newcomer #30, WNBA player Essence Carson, #2 would add some depth to the Pandaz like Joe Johnson to the Celtics.

Essence Carson helped Stack Sichuan Pandaz for this Game 6 Challenge

#30 Carson Pandaz would bring the ball up the court and move the offense for the Pandaz.  She also added great length to the team defense and added a new dynamic to the frontcourt.

#Coach for the Cookies had a lot to say in this game and isn’t scared of letting the refs know how he feels.

#24 Jayda good hustle and diving for loose balls staging the Cookies last comeback.

Jayda Bovero holding her ground for Team Cookies

#30 Britney Cookies with the 3-point shot, steal, and 4 points shot to bring the game within reach in the final minute of play.

#20 Candance and #32 Thompson played well with a few give-and-goes.  #32 Thompson with a euro step and a lovely put-back basket.

#1 Hearn’s with a gorgeous step-back jumper and always handling the rock with perfection. She couldn’t be stopped in this game scoring 39 points and dishing a couple of assists.

Cookies could not adjust to this and made one heroic comeback in the final minutes, but it was enough as Pandaz would win 94- 90.   Cookies will get a chance to get their revenge on Jan 8 for the championship.

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