Written by: Italo Tassara

Sichuan Pandaz (blue jerseys) vs Cookies (white jerseys)

Ariel Hearn

The second game was also a nail-bitter. The Pandaz were trying to eat those Cookies this evening!! It was a late-night game snack. Ariel vs Ariel in this game is also in the showcase. Who is the real Ariel?!?!

Candyse Farmer and Ariel Temple

This basketball game was very fast-paced. The stand-out on the Pandaz team was Ariel Hearn; she was the key to the Pandaz offense as she had taken over most of the game with her beautiful passing, handles, and jump shots.

#30 Candyse (Pandaz) was getting Cookies for easy layup, played good defense and was an all start on the basketball court.

#8 Pandaz, Amber Blockman, tall in control on the paint, and making it rain from 3s.

#22 Ariel Temple (Cookies) took control of the pace.

#2, Ashley Samson (Cookies) with two rainbow 3points – I thought the shot was going to hit the roof with that amazing range.

Destiny Melton and Ashley Samson (foreground)

#12 (Cookies) also had a great game along with a great block to save her team from potentially losing and sending the game into overtime!

All the pressure was on both teams in OT. This thrilling basketball game was finally settled at the free throw line with some clutch baskets by #8 (Cookies) in the white jersey.

As we came to a close, all teams gathered and another amazing run for the XvsX Sports family and our amazing sponsors, Boost Mobile, LA Times and WSS, and fans that got to live this fun basketball experience.