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SoCal Playaz VS UK Fighters

SoCal Playaz VS UK Fighters


The second basketball game set to go for the doubleheader was SoCal Playaz (blue) VS The UK Fighters (white). This game also started off close but ended in the same fashion as the first game with a blowout.

The home team, the UK Fighters, started with much energy, shooting corner 3 pointers. Zion White (#12 SoCal Playaz) was going hard to rack and getting the other team in foul trouble.

Famous Los

#32 “Famous Los” has some great looks from the beginning of the basketball game and also an incredible alley-oop to #12, Michael Frye on the UK Fighters team.

#11 on SoCal Playaz, Aaron Patterson, got an easy bucket on the fast break while the home team had additional turnovers that kept them at a distance.

Michael Fry, #12, on the UK Fighter’s continued to get essential rebounds for his team and along with tricky plays by Famous Los and a big dunk by Zion White – SoCal Playaz #12 – the first quarter was full of excitement.

Michael Frye and Zion White

Calvin Harris, Famous Los, Mike Diaz

Great ball movement by Zion White for the blue team, along with some much-needed 3 pointers. Great pick and roll attempts as the white team lead by 6 points. Mike Diaz hit a big 3-pointer and got the SoCal Playaz back in rhythm. The SoCal Playaz team showed us how it’s done on the basketball court and with their impressive ball movement, they looked like the old 90’s Chicago Bulls teams.


#1, Ty Davis on the UK Fighters lead the break with a lovely wrap-around move. Michael Frye had a big block for the UK Fighters and brought the game to 25-12. The UK Fighters took control of the game with big blocks and a steal off of an inbound play for the easy two points. They were up by 20 with 5 min left in the first half. As the end of the first half came to a close, the score was 53-35. #33, UK Fighter’s Jalen White, hit the big 3.


SoCal Playaz, Ice, was so frustrated that he yelled out profanity and a got chuckle from the crowd. Famous Los had strong handles that brought the defender to his knees. While there was still excitement in the YMCA gym the home team continued to blow out the visitors.

The guest team lost by 30. Let us stop here. Great overall sportsmanship from both teams. The Final score of this Valley showdown was 103-74.

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