All we can say about our XvsX Sports Showdown featuring Team Hezi God vs. Team Famous Los is wow. We knew both teams were coming ready to play, but what a show did they put on! 

They lit up the floor from the very beginning of the game, exchanging points, drawing contact, and attacking the goal. Oh, and what’s any real basketball game without just a little bit of trash talking? Led by their incredibly talented and offensively solid captain, Hezi God (@thehezigod), the team managed to pull together and finish the game with a total of 109 points, 40 of which came from Hezi God alone. He went 8 for 10 in the paint and was 12 for 13 from the free throw line.

Hezi God, whose real name is Ryan Carter, hit the first three point shot of the game, putting his team on the board early on. He was unstoppable in almost all one-on-one situations he was put in and did not hold anything back in his pursuit to score. Known across his multiple social media platforms for his electrifying style of play, Carter is undoubtedly one hooper who can back his talk with his walk.

In an exclusive interview with XvsX Sports Carter told our own, Johnny Holcomb, that “basketball consumes him” and credited his success as an athlete to his determination to consistently seek opportunities to train daily. While there is certainly no question on anybody’s mind that Hezi God’s impact as a leader, both on and off the court, attributed to his team’s victory on September 23, we’d be remised if we didn’t point out the weapons he had at his disposal in his roster.

Marcus Bell (@godsgift2409) finished the game with a double-double, scoring 20 points and snatching an impressive 17 rebounds. While Bell was the clear standout in the paint for Team Hezi God, Zach Hinton (@iball42life) had a great game, too, scoring a total of 15 points and pulling down 7 rebounds. Larry Boyd (@buddah2000) had a solid 20 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds, while Garrick Wilson (dreamchaser843_) finished the game with a total of 6 points, 4 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 steals.

Although they came up short, Team Famous Los came with a lineup that was just as stacked as their opponents. Combining for a total of 71 of the team’s 95 points was Kris Martin (@thekrismartin), Chris Staples (@everybody_hatechriss), and Evin Bartlett (@evinbartlett).

Martin, who finished the game with 27 points, 5 assists, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals was an offensive powerhouse for Team Famous Los. Together with his teammate, dunking superstar Chris Staples, who finished the game with 19 points (17 of which came from behind the arch) and 2 rebounds, these two mega-athletes put on quite the show. Evin Bartlett, who rarely disappoints on the court, finished the game with a total of 25 points, 3 assists, 4 rebounds, and two steals.

Famous Los (@famouslos32), whose real name is Carlos Sanford, continues to impress us here at XvsX Sports with his superb leadership skills. If there is one thing his team knows they can consistently count on him for, it is to show up and show out in his role as their captain, consistently offering guidance and encouragement at a commendable level.

Team Hezi God will face off against the competitive Team Rome Flynn on Thursday, September 30. Be sure to tune in to the XvsX Sports app for this exclusive content and make sure to follow XvsX Sports on all social media platforms!