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XvsX Women’s League: Week 5

Written by: Italo Tassara Tuesday night picked up dramatically from the money game between the Cookies and Pandaz a few weeks back. It was for 1000 dollars, and it was a sweet and nice game to five. Steph Curry broke the NBA record on 3 pointers and Ashely broke the Pandaz heart hitting two quick 3 pointers calling game. Cookies win tonight’s basketball game. The quick 3-point baskets really made the difference during tonight’s game, the competition was intense. What a great basketball game to get the Van Nuys YMCA & XvsX started tonight. Game two gets started right on time! ATL Soul (blue) VS Cookies (white) The winner of game two will play for 1000 dollars next week.  They are throwing money out here.  Get some. The ATL Soul (white) vs Cookies (white) was game two on this freezing night at the Van Nuys YMCA. They should be playing hockey. The undefeated Cookies ran through the Atl Soul.  The Atl Soul looked a little chilly out there on the basketball court.  Atl Soul came out hustling but couldn’t keep up with the Cookies pace and shooting. There were still some great performances, especially from #12 Hunter (Atl Soul), clicking on all cylinders.  She had some excellent rebound putbacks, her remote shooting was on point, and she single-handedly brought the ATL Soul back in the game’s final minutes. #30 Wright ATl Soul, nice post up moves. #24 mamba ATL soul had a sweet spin move floater and some wing jump shots. #1 Sweat ATL Soul nice up and under move, made a couple of 3 pointer. #24 Jayda Boverro with the pink kicks hustling for the loose ball. #8 Benton went fast and hard to the basket she packs a big punch. #22 Arial was the player of the game. She pushed the pace, found her teammates, and hit the big shot when the Atl soul was making a comeback. Cookies remain undefeated 85-74. Third Game to end this amazing basketball triple header. Modelz (white) VS Pandaz (blue) winner plays next week for 1000$ Mr. World Peace couldn’t figure out why it was so cold when this game was on fire.  The Modelz who have been playing great as of lately led by their unstoppable #31 (Modelz).  The Modelz were looking for her early but the strategy against her is to double cause no one can guard her one on one.  The Modelz went up early in the game with buckets from #2 Guitierez and #8 Trinidad and were leading by 15 starting the fourth quarter.  The pandas came with big performances from #20 Candance and #1 Hearns. #31 post up bucket back-to-back lay ups. #22 Lucio had some 3 steals in the 1 qtr and some back-to-back jumper.  She also got T’d up chopping it up with #20 Candace. #20 Candance had a great game shooting inside shots, baseline drive shots.  She is never scared to shoot. #1 Hearns always with the lovely hadles and nice step back shots.  She also some nice reverse lay-up and a great bounce pass to #32 Thompson. #32 Thompson (pandaz) was causing havoc in the paint with her rebounds and defense.  She was playing #31 (Modelz) tuff. The final minute of play went down to Hearns making a tough step back jumper, but that’s cake for her the way she plays.  And Candance hit the running floater in traffic to give the Pandaz a one-point edge. Hearns and Candance were players of the game. Good win for the Pandaz Team! XvsX welcomes all fans to come and enjoy our women’s basketball games in the heart of Van Nuys!

XvsX Meet Our Community: Rome Flynn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]XvsX is a community of players, teams, coaches and stars that use the XvsX Sports app to their advantage to maximize their opportunities, improve performance, build their network and community, and to excel in the world of Basketball. Every week, we highlight one of our prime players so you can meet some of the talent on XvsX Sports, your potential teammates and opponents, and see how others are using and implementing the XvsX Sports app and community into their lives. October 28th: Team Ariel VS Team Candyse, Team Ivan VS Team Gwah This week we would like to highlight one of our League Players Rome Flynn, who is also an American Actor, Model, as well as one of our top players within the XvsX community. Rome Flynn was one of the first influencers to join the XvsX Sports community when the first Open Runs were started back in summer 2020. Rome has consistently played in our XvsX Sports games, leagues, events, open runs and continues to play with us today. Rome and his Compton Dinosaurz team recently played in one of our Championship Games and he is always one of the most competitive basketball players in each game and is frequently one of our MVPS. Off the court, you may recognize Rome from multiple movies and Tv shows, including the Netflix TV series “Raising Deon” Season 2 and Amazon Prime’s “With Love.” Check out more from Rome below![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
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WRITTEN BY: ITALO TASSARO If you are in the valley, you might ask, what basketball games are on tonight? For XvsX we have the Milian Modelz (Blue) vs. Atlanta Soul (white) gold game rules! What a fun and exciting night it was in Van Nuys at the XvsX league!! It’s always a stirring night at Ladies’ night at the YMCA—two up n down games like yoyos with lots of exciting things happening! The first game introduced the gold game rules with the standout CTO (Change time outs) per team. The rules are:
  • i. Each format has to be played for 2 minutes before changing the number of players on the floor.
  • ii. The team that doesn’t call the CTO can make substitutions but can not change the format and number of players on the floor for two mins.
  • iii.  After one team calls a CTO, the next can change the format after two mins. Unlimited 5 vs. 5
  • iv.  All CTO’s are taking out at the opposite free throw
  • vi.  Each Team gets 8 CTO’s
  • CTO 1 vs 1 , 2 vs 2 , 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 all full courts!
This exciting feature is only in the XvsX league. Make sure you download the app today! It makes the games more exciting and never out of reach. In the first game, the Modelz got up to a big lead in the first half.  #31 was playing out of her mind; she couldn’t be stopped. She was playing the post like Anthony Davis, moving people out of the way in the key and faking the defenders out with pretty up and under moves. She even shot a long teo pointer on top of the key. She was holding a rabbit’s foot in this game! #2 on the Modelz in the Christmas spirit with the Kobe green grinches basketball shoes was making it rain like usual from the 3 point line.  She had gorgeous baseline jumpers, and a smooth dribble. The First 1 vs 1 gold game sequence was between #24 miss mamba Atlanta soul and #20 modelz #24 miss mamba hit the first 4 point shot in the league this year.  She has an excellent following to the basket.  #24 mamba kept the Atlanta soul in the game along with #20 Lyons with an iceman finger roll & #8 Elena Atlanta soul with the in-game 4 point shot. They looked like the Gonzaga NCAA basketball team this week, fast and great basketball. The most exciting part of this basketball game was the gold rules. Talk about a thrilling basketball showdown. Why not!?! #31 was too much for Atlanta as the Modelz cruised for the win led to my #31 excellent performance. #2 Stella nice lay up a finger roll & #25 good basket nice pass by #24 mamba Atlanta Soul and #32 big shot Sabrina Atlanta Soul! A nice lay up Stella #2 Modelz, The Dagger #20 Lyons put the game out of reach. Our XvsX Final score was: Guest blue Modelz 80 – home 75 Atlanta soul 30 points 24 rebounds for the MVP of the games goes to #31 Modelz! ————— Cookies vs Pandaz Money Basketball Game! The Money game was between the undefeated Cookies Blue and the Sichan Pandaz White. This game was a suspenseful hard-fought game with lots of drama and uncertainty. The winner of this game would win 10004 dollars, and boy, would it live up to the hype. #8 Cookies, Benton was in n out cutting the defense up. She was the main attraction to this game, She was playing with lots of heart, and the pandaz was trying to contain her. She had a beautiful layup and was handling the rock with lots of speed and sudden stops. She packs a big punch in that small frame. She was hitting everyone with the Hezzy. #22 Arial Cookies came in late, but she was always looking to push the pace as she regularly does. #1 Hearns for the Pandaz, who was on fire last week, was coming off the bench this game as a new basketball strategy. She started strong with her great handles and mid-post jumpers. A fan was ejected; the crowd was going crazy. Things were getting wildas #30 Candance had a crucial steal in the last minute of the game to start the pandaz comeback.  # 2 Ashley long high 3 pointers & #24 Jayda with big offensive rebounds and putbacks through the game. #30 has good moves by Miss pow #Miss Thompson with to back-to-back buckets. #24 Selena for the Pandaz hit the tying jumper with 2 secs left to send the game into overtime.   Overtime 70 – 70 To be continued…

Exclusive Insider At The Meta Panda Club Launch Event

On Friday, April 15, The Meta Panda Club held its official launch event at the W Hotel in Hollywood, and it was a great success as Lifo, XvsX Sports staff and players came together to celebrate the launch of Meta Panda Club. The club is a community we’re creating to give you, our XvsX Sports community, more opportunities for exposure and access to a new and wider fan base. An additional goal with MPC is to generate opportunities for players and XvsX teams and leagues to monetize and financially benefit from being involved within the community. The vision of MPC is to create the world’s largest decentralized basketball community for the metaverse and physical world – with XvsX Sports at the center. We encourage you to get on Discord in the “General” chat section and start engaging with our community there. Our Discord server currently has 5850 community members and offers you a chance to post your own videos and pictures and gain exposure to a brand new audience and demographic. The MPC Discord community is very passionate about basketball and will love engaging with you, our players. By being active within the MPC community, you’re gaining a new audience and fan base for yourself with a demographic that typically has more disposable income than the general population, so we encourage you to market yourselves within the MPC Discord Server. See metapandaclub.com or email us for more info! [gallery size="medium" ids="8481,8482,8483,8484,8485,8486"]

XvsX Sports Gold League Champions Marks Remarkable First Year

This year the XvsX Sports Gold league has been nothing but sparks and fun, our Men’s and Women’s league displayed great skills and talent for our dedicated viewers in our first year. Announcing a perfect undefeated record, team captain HeziGod of the ‘Socal Playaz’ took on team captain Rome Flynn and the Compton Dinosaurz in the championship game with a $2,500 cash prize for the taking. This very highly anticipated game took place at the Mid Valley YMCA, both sides of the court had plenty of valued and favored players making a statement throughout the season. ‘Socal Playaz’ managed to keep up the intensity between HeziGod and Steve Wooten Jr with back to back shots taking the final score 121-110. Socal Playaz took the Championship win home this season. XvsX Sports appreciates all the participants and players in this year’s First Gold League. XvsX Sports gives ours players a huge platform reach to a high level of competition and exposure that has taken part in other events in the basketball community and giving our own players an opportunity to play in the “Drew League” against NBA stars and competitors such as LeBron James, Trae Young and 2022 NBA number 1 draft pick Paolo Banchero.

Metta World Peace Takes On ‘CBS Beyond The Edge’

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Former NBA Defensive superstar Metta World Peace is now taking his skill beyond the limits in a journey in the jungle as he joins other celebrities and another well know sports star, Baltimore Ravens’ MVP Ray Lewis in the wild. The challenges in CBS Beyond The Edge, include taking on multiple obstacles while challenging each other’s competitive side and skill level to achieve all the goals to stay in the jungle. The goal for the celebrity guests is to stay numerous nights in the Panamanian jungle taking on dangerous tasks at their own risk. The ultimate goal is to raise money for a charity of their choice by completing and winning. If Metta World Peace succeeds in winning, his charity of choice would be the Artest University. He chose this group as it focuses on his passion for mental health awareness and stability, Metta World Peace struggled as a kid, but worked through it and achieved his goals in a reputable career. He wants to help others in his community overcome health issues and overcome obstacles, as he did. Check out the explosive trailer below! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOaIGYfI3nE"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

XVSX Meet Our Community: Ryan Garcia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]XvsX is a community of players, teams, coaches, and stars that use the XvsX app to their advantage to help make connections, gain exposure and improve their skill set in the world of Basketball. Every week, we highlight one of our prime players so you can meet some of the talent on XvsX Sports, or your potential teammates and opponents. This week we would like to highlight Pro Boxer Ryan Garcia. Ryan joined our XvsX Teammates on the court not just as a boxer but a competitive basketball player as well as some of our other top Basketball influencers. We also can’t forget that when Ryan shows up any where he must show that his boxing skill is always sharp and on point. Metta and his son, Ron, took on the known “Body Shot Challenge” from Ryan Garcia. Watch the full game here with many highlights from the event from our XvsX athletes like Christon Staples, Famous Los, Michael Purdie, Julian Newman, Evin Bartlette, Bam, Mike Morresey, and more. It was definitely one for the books. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZVp5p9-8mM&t=1s"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

XvsX Meet Our Community: Estela Gutierrez

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]XvsX is a community of players, teams, coaches and stars that use the XvsX app to their advantage in excelling in the world of Basketball. Every week, we highlight one of our prime players so you can meet some of the talent on XvsX, or your potential teammates and opponents. XvsX Meet Our Community: Rome Flynn This week we would like to highlight one of our Woman’s League Players Estela Gutierrez, who is a rising star that has took her talent to the next level as a competitive basketball player. She has played for Our XvsX Sports community and grew with us as she became known for he skills on the court! Now, she is signed to a pro basketball contract to a team in Mexico and is on a new team and looking for more opportunities to come her way as she embarks on this journey. Estela has been following her ball dreams since she was a young child and she is BIG on encouraging others to never give up. Stay connected and check out the XvsX Sports community news, updates and more on our up coming Players and Rising stars blog![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Hezi God / Austin Mills Boost baller Showdown,Hezi Takes The Win!

On Tuesday, January 25 2022 there was a baller showdown for the championship game at the Mid Valley YMCA in Van Nuys, California. Team Hezi beat Team Mills in a crazy finish as both teams were war-ready and this game surpassed the hype with Team Hezi pulling out the W in a tense, down to wire ends. There was a strong performance, as always, from Hezi himself and special mentions to team standouts Buddah and Ryan Smith.  Austin J was on fire and landed 41 points and 10 assists.  Austin’s teammate Zene Edosomwan had a solid, strong performance with 24 points and 14 rebounds but ultimately Team Austin struggled on defense and wasn’t able to overcome the momentum of Team Hezi.  Final score:  Team Hezi 110 VS Team Austin Mills 108. Check out some of our highlights from the game BELOW and stay tuned for updates and more on the xvsxsports app! [gallery ids="8500,8499,8498"]


BY, ITALO TASSARA This XvsX basketball final of the women’s season in the XvsX league was a slaughterhouse at the YMCA Van Nuys. The money was up for grabs in the women’s championship for a cool 3,500 dollars.   The lights were bright, the stands were packed, and the music was bumping. But we really needed some milk instead of Gatorade because it was all Cookies during this basketball game. The cookies held no punches in this boxing match/basketball game and the basketball court was getting hot!  It was a very fast TKO in the first quarter, you would have thought Mike Tyson was out there with the rock.  This game was all milk and cookies, all Oreos and chips ahoy all sugar cookies. Take your pick of cookies, but they were all sweet and good! Layups and the shooting were on point. The cookies were amazing, the defense reminded us of Ja Morant! They completely dominated this game from the tip-off, they shot threes, had great back screens, controlled pace, and the entire momentum of the game. Cookies have been playing hard all season and this was the night that they put it all together. Arial controlled the pace and found the open players. Ashley was raining threes all night, they looked like the Golden State Warriors as they shot well and moved the ball excellently. It felt Casper the friendly ghost was guarding her. She was the MVP but she couldn’t have done it without her teammates.  All cookies plyers added to the achievement of the season. The coach played a great part also by getting them hyped and calling the right plays and not letting them get down earlier in the season. To be fair, the Pandaz started the game with only four players. That was a bad move and a gutsy move.  Hearns, one of the great players for the Pandaz this season wasn’t able to make the game, she usually brings the basketball up the court and gets the Pandaz in rhythm with her shake and bake offensive moves.  The Pandaz went down double digits in this first quarter, and the Cookies never looked back.  For the Pandaz  #20 Pandaz – Candyse played well in this game but they were just overwhelmed from the big hole they got themselves in during the first half. She and #32 Thompson would show lots of heart and effort in this loss.  Great sportsmanship in the XvsX women’s championship. But it was all Cookies in this game. Cookies won with a final score 97-68.   Congratulations to the Cookies for playing so great this season.  And congratulations to all the ladies playing the sport we all love.   — #8 Cookies -Benton was tearing up the lane with her strong drives to the basket.  Her first step blows by defenders and on the open court, she is hard to stop. #22 Cookies – Arial played one of her better games in the championship, her long braids wouldn’t get in the way of her game, she found open player the rock all night and she has a way of finding her teammates the ball in their sweet spot. #2 Cookies- Ashely was truly a marvel to watch, she hit big open shots all year and this game was not anything different.  I thought her shots would hit the top of the gym followed by a rainbow.  Some NBA jam-type fire shots.  She hit a 4 pointer at the buzzer for the cherry on top! RELATED: XvsX League Recap & Upcoming Championship Game! #24 Cookies – Jada played with lots of hustle and grind in the paint, she hit a beautiful hook shot in the paint. #2 Pandaz -Mazzeo hit two 4 pointers in this game along with a three, it must have been her James Harden basketball sneakers. #20 Pandaz – Candyse played well in this game but they were just overwhelmed from the big hole they got themselves in during the first half.  Her and #32 Thompson would show lots of heart and effort in this loss. Great sportsmanship on the basketball court in the XvsX women’s big championship game. As this season comes to an end, our XvsX family invites fans and players to join us in the valley and to also download our app today!