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WEEK 2: XvsX Sports Women’s League Games

WEEK 2: XvsX Sports Women’s League Games


Ladies’ night Tuesday is here for XvsX! Two great basketball games were on the schedule tonight!

Many things were at stake Tuesday night as the winners of tonight’s game will play for the big $1,000 dollars next week.

The first game is the undefeated Cookies (Blue) vs. the Atlanta Soul (white)

The first half of this basketball game started sloppy as they tried to push the pace and start the fast break without slowing down the pace and playing organized ball. You could sense the excitement and pressure some players felt. #22 MJ for Atlanta Soul did not feel this way and showed out by hitting some beautiful jumpers and had some nice fast-break layups in the first half. #22 really showed up tonight and had complete focus on the basketball court!

Loren (Atlanta Soul) hit back-to-back three-pointers. #8 Benton for the Cookies played very well as she dribbled, drove around defenders, causing havoc and making plays. She was also living on the free-throw line to keep her team close.

In the second half, this basketball game became volatile. #2 Ashley was making it rain, and #8 Benton had a smooth floater. They are the two of the best shooters on the basketball court and in the ladies’ league no lead is too much for them. They are looking like the young Lakers.

#22 Mj for Atlanta had the lovely white headband and the nice between the legs dribble and found #12 Atlanta for the open shot.

With 5 min left in the fourth quarter, it looked like Atlanta would give the Cookies their first loss of the season; Atlanta was up by and MJ was stealing, and her jumper was on point!

Cookies called a time out to gather themselves, great coaching and leadership shown from the team. I don’t know what cookies they ate in the timeout but give me some!

cookie monster on Behance

They came out strong after the timeout and made a push to tie the game at 66 with an Ariel Temple (Cookies) in the paint layup.

Cookies’ defense was on lockdown as they stopped Atlanta from scoring for the last two mins of the game. The dagger came from a corner shot from #2 Ashley (Cookies) to win the game.  Benton and Ashley led Cookies in this game to victory. Wow-what a game. Cookies will play next week for a thousand dollars.

2nd game

Milan Modelz (blue) vs Sichwan Pandaz (white)

The final game on the schedule was another cliffhanger! And would end in another overtime.

This year has been the XvsX overtime league; all games are very competitive.

In the last game the Modelz played, they were led by #31 (Modelz), who was unstoppable in the paint and finished strong.

The Modelz looked for her early in this game, but she was having a tough night in the paint later in the game and did not look as she did from the jump.

It was up to her teammates to return the favor this time during this thriller. The amazing #1 Ariel Hearns (Pandaz) came to play tonight!

#1 Hearns (Pandaz) was playing like Deanna Nolan, on fire! Good between the legs dribble with the rock and step-back jumper kept the Modelz on their heels the whole night. She was shakin’ n bakin’ the defense. #12 (Modelz) with the lovely top of the key jump shot. #32 (Modelz) skyhook, haven’t seen that since Kareem in the 80s!

#2 (Modelz) Stella, Stellllaaaaa for a long 3!! #24 (Pandas) fast-break jump shot assist from #1 Hearns (Pandas)#20 (Pandas) Candace was trying to get the calls during the ball game.

#2 (Modelz) trying to ice it at the free-throw line, missed 1-2.

#12 (Modelz) has a nice bank shot to bring this basketball game closer than expected.

Modelz 65-58 with 3 min left, but they put were looking to put the clamps on the Pandaz. But the Pandaz were not messing around. The Pandaz got #31 (Modelz) frustrated, and she got a silly tech.

The pandas continued to make shots as the clock was winding down. The game went into overtime at 67-67, where the Modelz looked tired and defeated. The rules are first to 5 wins by 2. It was all #1 Hearns, and #41 made the winning shot for the Pandaz.

Wow, what a comeback. It takes us back to that WNBA game that was out of this world!

The two winners will play next week for the money game and the XvsX Sports League welcomes you and the entire family to come enjoy some basketball games at our fun YMCA basketball gym here in the valley!


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