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If you are in the valley, you might ask, what basketball games are on tonight?

For XvsX we have the Milian Modelz (Blue) vs. Atlanta Soul (white) gold game rules!

What a fun and exciting night it was in Van Nuys at the XvsX league!!

It’s always a stirring night at Ladies’ night at the YMCA—two up n down games like yoyos with lots of exciting things happening!

The first game introduced the gold game rules with the standout CTO (Change time outs) per team.

The rules are:

  • i. Each format has to be played for 2 minutes before changing the number of players on the floor.
  • ii. The team that doesn’t call the CTO can make substitutions but can not change the format and number of players on the floor for two mins.
  • iii.  After one team calls a CTO, the next can change the format after two mins. Unlimited 5 vs. 5
  • iv.  All CTO’s are taking out at the opposite free throw
  • vi.  Each Team gets 8 CTO’s
  • CTO 1 vs 1 , 2 vs 2 , 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 all full courts!

This exciting feature is only in the XvsX league. Make sure you download the app today!

It makes the games more exciting and never out of reach.

In the first game, the Modelz got up to a big lead in the first half.  #31 was playing out of her mind; she couldn’t be stopped. She was playing the post like Anthony Davis, moving people out of the way in the key and faking the defenders out with pretty up and under moves. She even shot a long teo pointer on top of the key. She was holding a rabbit’s foot in this game!

#2 on the Modelz in the Christmas spirit with the Kobe green grinches basketball shoes was making it rain like usual from the 3 point line.  She had gorgeous baseline jumpers, and a smooth dribble.

The First 1 vs 1 gold game sequence was between #24 miss mamba Atlanta soul and #20 modelz

#24 miss mamba hit the first 4 point shot in the league this year.  She has an excellent following to the basket.  #24 mamba kept the Atlanta soul in the game along with #20 Lyons with an iceman finger roll & #8 Elena Atlanta soul with the in-game 4 point shot. They looked like the Gonzaga NCAA basketball team this week, fast and great basketball.

The most exciting part of this basketball game was the gold rules. Talk about a thrilling basketball showdown. Why not!?!

#31 was too much for Atlanta as the Modelz cruised for the win led to my #31 excellent performance. #2 Stella nice lay up a finger roll & #25 good basket nice pass by #24 mamba Atlanta Soul and #32 big shot Sabrina Atlanta Soul!

A nice lay up Stella #2 Modelz, The Dagger #20 Lyons put the game out of reach.

Our XvsX Final score was:

Guest blue Modelz 80 – home 75 Atlanta soul

30 points 24 rebounds for the MVP of the games goes to #31 Modelz!


Cookies vs Pandaz Money Basketball Game!

The Money game was between the undefeated Cookies Blue and the Sichan Pandaz White. This game was a suspenseful hard-fought game with lots of drama and uncertainty. The winner of this game would win 10004 dollars, and boy, would it live up to the hype.

#8 Cookies, Benton was in n out cutting the defense up. She was the main attraction to this game, She was playing with lots of heart, and the pandaz was trying to contain her. She had a beautiful layup and was handling the rock with lots of speed and sudden stops. She packs a big punch in that small frame. She was hitting everyone with the Hezzy.

#22 Arial Cookies came in late, but she was always looking to push the pace as she regularly does.

#1 Hearns for the Pandaz, who was on fire last week, was coming off the bench this game as a new basketball strategy. She started strong with her great handles and mid-post jumpers.

A fan was ejected; the crowd was going crazy. Things were getting wildas #30 Candance had a crucial steal in the last minute of the game to start the pandaz comeback.  # 2 Ashley long high 3 pointers & #24 Jayda with big offensive rebounds and putbacks through the game. #30 has good moves by Miss pow #Miss Thompson with to back-to-back buckets.

#24 Selena for the Pandaz hit the tying jumper with 2 secs left to send the game into overtime.


Overtime 70 – 70

To be continued…

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