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XvsX League Recap & Upcoming Championship Game!

XvsX League Recap & Upcoming Championship Game!


Who is excited?  I know we are!  Coming up on January 8th, 2022 we have two of the biggest games happening to end the crazy year of 2021:  we have both the Men AND Women XvsX Sports League Championship Games that we know you can’t miss!! This season was just the beginning of one of the most competitive leagues in Los Angeles.  And the best part is, not only are these championship games – which, judging by the regular season games I think we can count on these being ultra-competitive games – the winners of these games are going to be winning a large cash prize.

On the men’s side, we had 6 teams going at it all season, and “going at it” may be an understatement. Moving into the championship game we have the Australian Knightz, who might we add are undefeated, VS a very tough team in the UK Fighters. These two teams will be battling for $5,000! Yes, you read it right, they have a chance to win 5K!

Now there are some players we have to keep an eye on in this game. The undefeated Australian Knightz are an energy team, they play together on both sides of the floor. #11 Gredic Gwah is a complete menace, “defense” should be his middle name and he barely lets anything past him. Then we have AJ Harris; once he comes in he is the boost his team always needs. Mr. Williams never says much but always hits for his team when needed, and let’s not forget about coach/player Tim Johnson. As said before it’s always a team effort for these guys, so will the UK Fighters give the fight that’s necessary.

UK Fighters have some killers of their own. They have 4 key players that need to be stopped: Marcel Burton is an absolute monster, he can shoot and facilitate the floor. Then we have Famous Los and Michael Fry. Los loves to lob it to his big man Fry and when he throws it down it’s never pretty for the defender.  Last but not least we have their silent assassin, Jalen Terry – he never has anything to say and just lets his game do the talking, actions really do speak louder than words for him.

The women’s games have been just as crazy.  Going into their championship game as the team to beat, Cookies, who just lost their first game after being 5-0 on the season, and the Sichuan Pandaz. These two teams will be facing off for $3,500!  Now the only reason this prize is less than the men’s grand prize is that there are fewer teams in the women’s league – when more are added, more money goes on the line.  So we’re hoping to see more talented women come to the next XvsX Sports Women’s Combine!

Team Cookies has had an incredible season, to say the least. They rely on their defense to win games and it almost never lets them down. It’s hard to point out key players when it’s always about all of them. Keena Benton is a complete problem, even in their last game she almost brought them back to win the game, which they only lost by 4. She brings excitement, she can shoot from literally on the floor, and still somehow has the energy to bother you on defense. Captain Ariel is the glue, she keeps it about communication; and have you guys ever seen a guard rebound like a big?  If not, well here’s your chance. The edition of Brittany Wilson was just what they needed, along with the beautiful inside game they have from Destiny Melton and Jayda Bovero.

The Pandaz were able to get a huge pick up in Essence Carson who joined them in the last game and had 19 points. She needs so much attention that it leaves her other teammates with more opportunities. Air is her name and hooping is her game! “In Air We Trust,” they say about Ariel Hearn and once you see her play you will trust her with your hoop life too. In her last game, she did not miss a shot, and that’s something team Cookies has to prepare for. The big woman for the Pandaz, Jahnae, has also been on top of her game. Clogging up the inside then beyond aggressive to get the buckets she needs.

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