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XvsX Meet Our Community: Estela Gutierrez

XvsX Meet Our Community: Estela Gutierrez

XvsX is a community of players, teams, coaches and stars that use the XvsX app to their advantage in excelling in the world of Basketball.

Every week, we highlight one of our prime players so you can meet some of the talent on XvsX, or your potential teammates and opponents.

XvsX Meet Our Community: Rome Flynn

This week we would like to highlight one of our Woman’s League Players Estela Gutierrez, who is a rising star that has took her talent to the next level as a competitive basketball player. She has played for Our XvsX Sports community and grew with us as she became known for he skills on the court!

Now, she is signed to a pro basketball contract to a team in Mexico and is on a new team and looking for more opportunities to come her way as she embarks on this journey. Estela has been following her ball dreams since she was a young child and she is BIG on encouraging others to never give up.

Stay connected and check out the XvsX Sports community news, updates and more on our up coming Players and Rising stars blog!

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