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XvsX Mens Games: December 12th

XvsX Mens Games: December 12th

Game 1: NYC Gold (White) vs, Compton Dinosaurz (Blue)

This is a qualifying game for the big cash game next week, but both teams start the game 4 on 4. The Dinosaurz even started with 6 points on the board because NYC Gold only had 3 in the beginning, the game had finally begun with 2 minutes wasted off the clock.

Staples (NYC Gold) is trying to make sure his team still has a run at this, with his teammate Bartlett right behind him with another layup. Then back-to-back buckets by Mr. Staples, Evan hits a 3 and now NYYC is only down 1, (11-12).

Finally 5 on 5 going into the 2nd quarter, and we have a big 3 by Evan Bartlett (NYC Gold) to start the 2nd. Wow, NYC has turned up the defense and now it’s a tie game at 23 at the 8-minute mark.

Compton Dinosaurz now has 6 players and they have turned up their defense, #21 (Compton Dinosaurz) got here late but is making a huge impact. He hits yet another 3 and it’s 36-27 NYC Gold in the lead. A beautiful dunk from #20 (NYC Gold) he makes it 38-27 with 5 minutes left to play. #21 Steve Wooten (NYC Gold) is literally on fire, he’s on his own 10-0 run alone.

Chris Staples (NYC Gold) with a nasty dunk. Both #5 and #21 of the Comtpn Dinosaurz are really fighting for their team playing hard on both sides. #10 (NYC Gold) with a nice windmill dunk, making 38-47. Staples with a huge 360 windmill dunk its 42-51 Compton Dinosaurz going into the half.

Compton Dinosaurz comes out with back-to-back buckets. Now NYC Gold gets a bucket and a defensive stop let’s see what they can turn around. #21 of Compton Dinosaurz with another big 3, it’s 61-50 Compton Dinosaurz.

Evan with another nice layup. But, even with them playing hard, the Dinosaurz are starting to pull away. They are playing great team basketball, they keep the lead at 77-56 with the Dinosaurz in the lead.

#20 (Compton Dinosaurz) is going to easily have a double-double the way he is rebounding and finishing. Staples keeps doing these beautiful dunks to bring his team back, but they are still down 66-79 2 minutes left in the 3rd.

#10 (NYC Gold) is playing hard on both sides of the floor. Bringing his team within 10 with the motivation. It’s 71-81 Compton Dinosaurz going in the 4th.

Evan with a nice move, then a beautiful pass to his teammate #23 of NYC Gold, and then a lob from Bartlett to Staples, it’s 75-84 blue. #21 blue is having himself a game as well, making it 75-90.

Bartlett has been doing all that he can, finally getting the And 1 going to the basket. He finishes the 3 point play and his team is down 81-95. Mr. Flynn (Compton Dinosaurz) is having a really good game. NYC Gold can’t seem to buy themselves a bucket, now it’s 101-85, the Dinosaurz has a commanding lead and only 4 minutes left to play.

NYC Gold was never able to make a run for it, ending the game 107-95, the Compton Dinosaurz taking this one.


Game 2: SoCal Playaz (White) vs. Valley Outcast (Blue)

To start the game, Valley Outcast only has only 4 players but Juice (Valley Outcast) still starts the game with a bucket, then Mr. Fuller (Valley Outcast) comes down with a nice dunk. They are still going to play hard. Valley Outcast is winning despite having 4 players,13-11.

Mac (SoCal Playaz) starts off the scoring for white, with two back-to-back buckets of his own, but, Mr. Fuller (Valley Outcast) never seems to miss a beat. He has another nice jumper, his team is just playing harder all-around 11-20, Valley Outcast leading the way, 2 minutes left in the 1st. Mr. Fuller is my favorite big man in the league. He cleans up everything around him, pulls it out for a 3. CASH!

SoCal Playaz is now turning up the defense and is getting the stops they need. MAC (SoCal Playaz)  finishes a nice layup and back-to-back finishes by his teammate #12. Socal Playaz is now only down 2, 22-24 going into the 2nd.

Juice (Valley Outcast) with a beautiful snatch crossover and he finishes with a nice jumper. Mayfield, “The Facilitator”, ( SoCal Playaz) is a little frustrated but he answers back and drains the 3 for his team. Then with a nice pass, #12 with the finish, and they tied the game 27-27 with 8:44 left in the half.

Now it’s back-to-back buckets for MAC of the SoCal Playaz. But, Juice has now gone on a 14-0 run by himself. Rebounding, finishing, just everything. His team is up 42-35 just that fast.

#20 of the SoCal Playaz answered with back-to-back jumpers trying to fight for his team. But, someone seriously needs to guard Juice because he just said “he shoots when he wants to”. He then cashes another 3, 42-47 Valley Outcast.

Fuller has been a very efficient player for Valley Outcast, he does a little of everything. He hits a mid-range jumper, then a 3 ball. Now Juice comes down for another one of his own. It’s 51-59, Valley Outcast, going into the half.

MAC tells himself he throws a dime to Mayfield and he finishes the floater. Now Mayfield repays him with a dime back to him. Mayfield has back-to-back nice finishes, but the Playaz are not playing the defense they need to come back.

Juice is really giving them “The Juice”, he hits a 3 with a hand all in his face, 66-71 Valley Outcast. SoCal Playaz has turned up the defense and made a run for themself. 81-76, Valet Outcast going into the 4th.

It’s #20 (Socal Playaz) first game but he fit in just fine, with a nice layup himself. White with a couple of stops, and a nice finish by #12 white. Then he gets the steal and finishes with the JAM, then Mayfield gets fouled on a 3 point shot, making 2 of 3. It’s 86-91 Valley Outcast.

MAC gets back-to-back buckets and then Mayfield again. Mayfield and MAC’s defense is on another level. It’s 92-95 4:53. #2 (SoCal Playaz) joined the party with a bucket now they are down 1.

Mr. Fuller is a BUCKET! He hits two jumpers back to back, then 2 big free throws for his team to keep the lead. His teammate #30 with a putback finish, he’s had himself a solid game.

MAC (SoCal Playaz) with another one, but Juice hits a 3 then gets the steal for the finish 104-96. Fuller of Valley Outcast carried this game, 3 buckets in a row for him, and his team finished on top, 107-118 Valley Outcast.


Game 3: UK Fighters (White) vs. Australian Knightz (Blue)

White starts this game with 6 penalty points because blue yet another week is not ready on time, plus the clock has to start on them when players are this late. White puts together a team effort to make it  18-2, only 3:30 left in the 1st quarter.

Jalen Terry (UK Fighters) really doesn’t miss a beat every week. He cashes a nice 3 for his team. Then his teammate, #22 has hit back to back 3’s. UK Fighters have a commanding lead 29-4. Now, Los hits a 4 point shot, his team is up 33-9.

#50 of the Australian Knights hit a 3 to counter. Him and his teammate. #11 are playing a really hard game. Gredic, of the Knightz, has a nice finish than a steal to another finish, bringing it to 35-18 UK Fighters. Blue has turned up the defense, so let’s make it 35-23 with a big 3 by #12, and now we have ourselves a game.

Marcel finally joins the scoring problem. Whenever the Knightz plays the gym is always super loud. They have now brought themself within 8 and 40-32 4 minutes till halftime. AJ has now hit 3 in a row. Los(UK Fighters) tries to slow things down, gives his team two clutch free throws. But, the Knightz made a comeback, #12 hits a huge 3. It’s 48-46 UK Fighters going into the half.

Australian Knightz, come out fast and tie the game at 48. #21 Terry (UK Fighters) trying to get himself rolling. #11 (Australian Knightz) has put his team on his back, another big play with the AND 1, and his team is up 2.

Now #23 (Australian Knightz) has “dialed it in” for back to back 3’s. Then Marcel (UK Fighterz) scored a bucket of his own and tried to give his team the win. Australian Knightz is fighting hard, they came with the energy. But, they have to stop fouling, UK Fighters are now in the bonus the rest of the way. It’s 72-73, Australian Knightz.

The Australian Knights are frustrated with the calls, making it easy for the UK Fighters free throws to keep them in this game. Marcel Knocks down two of his own and is now, #31 with the big 3. He tied the game at 77. Making it 77-83 Australian Knightz going into the 4th.

The defense on both ends has picked up some. The UK Fighters have gone on a run and now they are only down 4, with under 4 minutes to play. #11 (Australian Knightz) with a beautiful tip back in, then his teammate #12 blue puts his team up 10 with 3 minutes left to play.

Marcel seems to be the only one who hasn’t given up on this game. Just that fast it’s 93-103 Australian Knightz, thanks to #11 who is just going off. #21 (Australian Knightz) puts the icing on the cake,  finishes the game with a 4 point shot, the Australian Knights win 109-93 after an amazing comeback.

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