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XvsX Men’s League Games: November 28th Games

XvsX Men’s League Games: November 28th Games

GOLD GAME: Valley Outcast (Blue) vs. Compton Dinosaurz (White)

The first game of the day is underway and it’s the Gold game so we have new rules to introduce. It’s called “CTO” – in some ways it’s like a media timeout, you get to call the game how you want it. With CTO coming into play there is so much more action happening already.

This game had to start 4 on 4 and here we are with Juice starting off hot with a 3, but #10 (Compton Dinosaurz) answers right back with one of his own. The Dinosaurz are coming out with way more energy than they did last week.

Valley Outcast was a little slow on defense this afternoon. Well, everyone really – it’s 9-7 Dinosaurz. Juice with another 3 than then the defensive stop and a lob to #21 with a nice jam.

#23 Adam Stanford (Dinosaurz) and #5 Mr. Flynn (Dinosaurz) both doing what they can, almost playing a two-man game. Now the dinosaurz actually have five players with just under 6 minutes left to play. But #20 (Outcast) doesn’t care with back-to-back buckets himself.

First CTO is called by League Commissioner Kookie and its 2 on 2. Juice (Outcast) & #21 Fuller (Outcast) against #21 Wooten (Compton Dinosaurs) and #23 Stanford (Compton Dinosaurz). They come out swinging but Valley Outcast is not getting back after their buckets. Fuller (Outcast) is carrying them through this CTO, A great drunk then a 3 ball. 23-26.

#23 (Compton Dinosaurz) comes down with two clutch free throws then finishes on the run out. He gets fouled going hard to the basket now the rest of his team can come in 27-29 Dinosaurz.

Davis (Outcast) immediately comes in helping his team out but once again #10 white hits another 3 he now has 3 of them. With a beautiful pass from Juice #23 blue joins the scoring column. It’s now 35 -35 under a minute.

37-37 going into the 2nd and now it’s 5 on 5 finally. Adam (Dinosaurz) hits yet another 3 to give his team the lead back 40-39, and we love that Mr. Flynn (Dinosaurz) is playing much better than he did last week.

Juice is giving his team ALL the energy. A big bucket then a big steal leading to another #21 lob. #23 blue is right behind juice he hits another 3. Okay that’s three 3s in a row by #23 blue – he’s on fire!

Valley outcast is starting to separate thanks to their defense up 57-51 at the halfway mark.

Another CTO. This time 3 on 3 adding #23 to the mix. Juice lobs it to himself off the backboard for a great dunk.  #23 of Outcast hits a 4 point shot, Make that another one. But #5 of the Compton Dinosaurz has also hit back-to-back buckets. It’s 56-66 Outcast.

We’re back to regular play but I think our Dino’s need more water. Juice did another amazing move with a spin off the backboard, now a 3. 75-63 blue. Now #21 blue with a crazy dunk. White is just not playing any defense at this point along with Valley outcast shooting well, but not getting back on defense, it’s 80-87 just that fast with #23 white going on his own run.

Someone stop Juice please, he is hitting 3s, getting stops, it’s all show stopping too. 90-93 just 5 minutes left and now Valley Outcast has called CTO 4 on 4. Stanford (Dinosaurz) is doing absolutely everything for his team with a nice And 1 plus defense.

#21 (Compton Dinosaurz) with a big boy move to the bucket. Even with Juice doing what he can, white is only down three points, 100-103.

#20 has been a solid player for Valley Outcast but #21 of the Compton Dinosaurz has hit a 4-point shot it’s 108-106 (Outcast) then, JUICEEEEEE, another 3. I don’t know if the Dino’s are giving up but it’s 113-106 going into the 4th.

#5 (Dinosaurz) is having a great game, he has scored back-to-back baskets on his own and ties the game at 119-119 & now blue has called CTO 4 on 4 again.

Juice has back-to-back assists to #20, it’s tied at 129 with 4:50 left to play and now white has called a 2 on 2 CTO. They have won everyone so far too. #5 (Dinosaurz) goes strong to the basket. Ties it back up, but juice is leading the way yet again. 135-131. Juice puts down another continuation play but white is only down 1 thanks to Adams (Dinosaurz) clean up.

But they are tired. We go back into 5 on 5 with 14 seconds left in the game and Valley Outcast is up 2, 144-142. Outcast plays straight up defense and wins the game. Juice finishes with a triple double (42 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists).


Socal Playaz (Blue) vs. UK Fighters (White) $500 Game

This game started off really fast with the quickest 3 buckets we have ever witnessed. They are attacking fast and early knowing money is on the line. Mayfield a.k.a “The Facilitator”, puts Socal Playaz on the board. It’s 4-2. What they don’t know is #23 (Socal Playaz) calls himself the energy man and he gets a bucket with a nice cut to the basket.

Famous Los entered the party with a nice 3 ball and then Marcel (UK Fighters) quickly answered back, 10-4 UK Fighters.

Socal Playaz trying to turn up the defense, Mayfield hits a nice floater, and then MAC gets a defensive stop. Socal Playaz goes on a nice run and is now 10-8 just that fast. Mayfield with a nice step back, then yet another bucket, and I mean it was pretty. Now Playaz is leading by 1. #23 (Playaz) adds to his score column and the UK Fighters need a timeout, 11-14 Playaz with 4:23 left.

Marcel has hit back-to-back buckets he’s saying they are just way too little, because he keeps bullying his way to the basket & now another he hits yet another 3, #12 Playaz hits a 3 of his own as well the game is tight 23-22 Uk Fighters are up. #20 of the Playaz wasn’t here last week but is fitting right in with his team, it’s the defense for me. #21 from UK Fighters hit clutch free throws to tie us back up at 25 and now he’s back at the line he hits both to put his team (UK Fighters) up 2.

Mayfield (Socal Playaz) plays with the man trying to stop him from taking the last shot, its hand down man down as they say, and cashes the 3! 27-28 going into the 2nd.

What a start with a beautiful dunk by #10 (UK Fighters) to tie the game, but Mac has a smooth answer with his jumper then another nice move under the basket.

It seems like Famous Los always joins the party right when he’s supposed to, joined by his teammate #10 Michal Fry (UK Fighters) with another nice finish. #21 Jalen Terry (UK Fighters) never feels like 3 is a crowd because he is doing a little bit of everything to keep his team in this and now UK Fighters is up 2 with 7:27 left to go in the first half (35-33).

#5 Mac (Socal Playaz) is trying his best to keep his team in this game, he has back-to-back buckets, he is on his own 6-0 run. Now Mayifield hits a 3, and they must’ve remembered what wins them these games, DEFENSE! 46-44, Socal Playaz up, with Mac hitting 2 more free throws.

#23 Willimas (UK Fighters) stops the run with a 3 but “The Facilitator” hits huge with back-to-back buckets and now they are up 1,  51-50 white going into the half.

Marcel (UK Fighters) with a nice float, they tried to tell him he only shoots but not today. UK Fighters are getting the stops now they just need to finish. But here comes Mayfield, he gets his own rebound to tie the game up at 56.

#21 (UK Fighters) so silently gets buckets, because now he hits another 3. Then his teammate #20 with a put back slam. They are running away with this one. 64-56 in favor of the UK Fightgers. Blue is getting really frustrated with the no calls. And now they are down 10 with 3:49 left in the 3rd.

Mayfield comes out with a big 3 to stop the bleeding. They definitely needed that. Blue defense is giving them a nice run. Now down 6 (67-61)

#21 UK Fighters draws another foul call somehow and white is now winning 76-63 with just one minute left then the euro step he hits has the whole gym yelling “ohhhhh”, its 80-63 going into the 4th quarter in favor of UK Fighters.

Let’s see if Socal Playaz can turn things around, #12 (Socal Playaz) finally gets a call for him, he hits both free throws now his team is down 13, but they need to pick up the defense. It’s 83-69 with 7 minutes left to play after Famous Los hits 1 of 2 from the freethrow line. But then Famous Los hits a 3 and gets fouled on the shot. What a big play.

Socal Playaz are not giving up on this game going on a 6-0 run, but once again they have to rebound. UK Fighters got 5 rebounds in one possession until Los finished it with a 3. 91-73 UK Fighters with 3:30 left to play.

#10 Michael Fry flies in with the dunk of a lifetime, he literally turned the whole gym upside down yamming on two people. It’s now 99-81 after Mac (Socal Playaz) hits two free throws, followed by a lap by BAM.

#10 (UK Fighters) is getting disrespectful, he just tip jammed it on the opposing team. He has dunked on 3 people today. 101-85 UK Fighters come out on top winning the $500 prize here in the “Blue Game”.


NYC Gold (Blue) vs. Australian Knightz (White) $1000 Game

We are literally getting a whole different energy in the gym with this game, its intense, players were on time and they are loud talking to one another, #20 (Australian Knights) comes out from the gate hitting a 3.

Evan (NYC Gold) with an amazing pass to #20 Spencer and he finishes off right when he left off last week. Bartlett is not letting this money go, he gets the board and goes coast to coast for the bucket. #11 (Australian Knightz) with a nice answer back, AND 1.

Spencer (NYC Gold) is really a great player; NYC Gold came to play today. They have gone on a 6-0 run and are now 18-7 with 3:30 left in the first, the defense they are playing is ELITE!

Mosquito (NYC Gold) comes in with his aggravating defense and gets the steal. Both teams are locking down nowon defense with it still being 7-19 with 1;15 left in the first.

#11 of Australian Knightz is HOOPING! He’s not going to give up 12-23 in favor of NYC Gold with just 6 seconds left.

Mosquito (NYC Gold) hits a 3 to start the 2nd. 26-12 & his hands are everywhere on defense. Bartlett joins and gets another deflection, then #23 with a nice clean up.

#20 & #12 (Australian Knightz) are fighting hard on both ends of the floor, sharing the load. #5 on their team comes in and hits a 3 to put them within 8, 20-28 with 6 and a half minutes left in the half. #20 is just great with using his body and getting to the rack. Him and #11 got back-to-back buckets and now it’s 28-27 with 4:50 left to go.

Evan (NYC Gold) took a really hard foul and was happy he got up and made both free throws. Spencer follows behind him to get an AND 1, (33-27) 4 minutes remaining. Barlett is giving them what he’s made of this game, another coast to coast for him, (35-27) NYC up and they have pulled their chemistry back together.

#11 Australian Knightz goes on a run for his team on his own. But, Back to back dunks by #21 NYC Gold and its 40-46 blue going into the half, NYC leading the way.

Tight defense to open everything up, the intensity is through the roof here. #5 Tim Johnson (Australian Knightz) makes a hard move to the basket, he is really doing all he can, followed by his teammate #11 tying the game up with a steal and a bucket.

Blue answers back with a big 3 and now they are at the line. It’s now 52-54 NYC Gold with 6 minutes left in the 3rd.

56-56 Thank to and one by #5 white. Big man #50 whtite hits a huge 3. Its 60-58 white with 3:47 left in the 3rd.

Mosquito with a great steal then a pass to their big man for the jam! #23 Williams (NYC Gold) has been a key player in this game. Getting rebounds on both ends, playing great defense plus finishing. Mosquito with 3! Puts his team up 2, with 30 seconds left and now he gets another layup his team is up 4.

#11 of the Australian Knights hit a 3 going into the 4th, making it 70-71 NYC Gold to start the 4th.

#50 (Australian Knightz) shot is just so pretty, he hits a nice jumper 72-73. He then hits another one shortly after the opposing team does and ties the game up 75-75.

Now people are trying to lock up on defense, so no one has scored in almost 2 minutes.

#11 (Australian Knightz) almost gets stuck up at halfcourt but somehow spiders his way out of it, getting to the basket. and completes the 3-point play.

NYC Gold gets a nice steal but someone needs to stop big man #50 for the Knightz, he just hit another 3, now 84-77 Australian Knights only 4:15 left to play.

There goes Australian Knights #50 Williams again with another big #, 88-77 his team on top. His teammate #5 hits yet another and 1. #23 NYC Gold tries to answer back with a 3, Its 93-82 and were now under 2 minutes

#50 just hit another one, I’m sure you can guess what because he is finishing the night with 7 overall 3 pointers, 23 points, and the Australian Knightz end up holding it down and they win the big cash game for $1000 finishing at 96-84!

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