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XvsX Sports Gold League Champions Marks Remarkable First Year

XvsX Sports Gold League Champions Marks Remarkable First Year

This year the XvsX Sports Gold league has been nothing but sparks and fun, our Men’s and Women’s league displayed great skills and talent for our dedicated viewers in our first year.

Announcing a perfect undefeated record, team captain HeziGod of the ‘Socal Playaz’ took on team captain Rome Flynn and the Compton Dinosaurz in the championship game with a $2,500 cash prize for the taking. This very highly anticipated game took place at the Mid Valley YMCA, both sides of the court had plenty of valued and favored players making a statement throughout the season.

‘Socal Playaz’ managed to keep up the intensity between HeziGod and Steve Wooten Jr with back to back shots taking the final score 121-110. Socal Playaz took the Championship win home this season. XvsX Sports appreciates all the participants and players in this year’s First Gold League.

XvsX Sports gives ours players a huge platform reach to a high level of competition and exposure that has taken part in other events in the basketball community and giving our own players an opportunity to play in the “Drew League” against NBA stars and competitors such as LeBron James, Trae Young and 2022 NBA number 1 draft pick Paolo Banchero.

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