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XvsX Sports Men’s League: November 21st Games

XvsX Sports Men’s League: November 21st Games


GAME ONE: SoCal Playaz (White) VS Valley Outcast (Blue):

Interesting start to the day from the beginning. Socal Playaz had to start this game down 0-10 at the 3-minute mark, because as we know for every minute late the opponent gets two points. What a nice rule to make sure you’re on time, right?

Even with being down to start the game, SoCal Playaz defense would help play a huge part in this comeback story.

Juice (Valley Outcast) was one who came to play early, and he was determined to keep the lead rolling with two quick back-to-back 3’s. Picking up right where he had left off, he was getting defensive stops, getting his team involved and making sure that with just three minutes they still maintained their 10 point lead going into the 2nd.

SoCal Playaz were not going to back down, Brian Mayfield made sure of it. Brian was the key facilitator and brought the energy into the game with his defense. Turning defense into offense, Mayfield scored three back-to-back buckets, all in reward to his stops on the other end. Then, here came Mr. Owens, or should we call him Mr. “Like That” because boy, was he on fire!

Owens (SoCal Playaz) hit a clutch 3, and now we had a game on our hands. Playaz were down 1 (22-23) with just under 8 minutes left to play in the first half. #22 Patterson hit back-to-back buckets with a 3 and tough drive to the basket, Outcast (blue) just couldn’t seem to buy a bucket, and they were trailing 31-25.

Then cue Juice, and he was not going to keep letting them just having their way with his team. He dove on the floor, getting defensive stops, and got to #30 for a quick fast break bucket to bring his team within five (38-33).

But SoCal Playaz do not care, #5 Mac came down hitting three buckets in a row, followed by Mr. “Like that”, going on his own 9-0 run, taking us into the half with the SoCal Playaz leading 46-35.

Second half underway, #12 white with a huge block against Outcast stopped the dunk but Juice cleaned it right up with a big shot and then Outcast) came with back-to-back buckets trying to get back in this one. But Mr. Owens was not having it, and answered back with a big 3, and then Outcast was down 40-49.

Outcast was now on a run only down two points, 47-49 thanks to back-to-back buckets by #22 blue.

The fouls were killing SoCal Playaz. #22 went on his own 6-0 run and brought his team within four points (54-50) with only six minutes left in the 3rd.

Playaz big man, came to do his job. He hit three back-to-back shots, but his team was still only up 6 as Outcast was not wanting to go out easy. They turned up their defense going on a huge run and they tied the game at 75-75 – with Juice being the ringleader.

For the rest of the game the teams went back and forth trading baskets and no one wanted to lose. Juice once again went on a run by himself on both ends of the court with the assist of #10 who hits a big 3 to tie the game once again 87-87.

Owens had an answer though. To end the game he went on his own 9-0 run, put the dagger in, and he finished with 34 points. The SoCal Playaz made a great comeback and came out on top 100-93 over Valley Outcast.


Compton Dinosaurs (white) VS NYC Gold (blue)

Both teams began a little rusty but slowly started to get into the hang of things. Staples came in hot for NYC Gold starting the game off with back-to-back 3 pointers, and that was just the start for him.

Compton Dinosaurs were doing what they could to keep this game close. They were only down three at 10-7 early on until Staples decided it was time to take over. Staples went on his own 10-0 run, with two amazing dunks and a 3 ball, one being a windmill, which put NYC up 17-7. TIMEOUT!

#22 Williams and #12 Womack (white) came back with respected buckets on their own to try to stop the bleeding, but the dinosaurs seemed to have gone extinct!

#23 Adam Standford, began his own little take over, and jumped to the sky to get a block – they needed that – and brought his team within 10 to go into the 2nd quarter 31-21, trying to make this one a game. But, Hezigod was doing what he does best and then we had back-to-back buckets for blue.

White still fighting, Womack had three back-to-back buckets and he was feeling it. Unfortunately, it was time for Staples to make his way back into the game, and after that it was no longer a game. NYC is just having their way with the Dinosaurs and were up 44-29 with four minutes left in the half.

Bartlet had another steal which led to another basket, Evan showed them he’s been hitting the weight room & bullied his way to the basket. It was 48-29 in favor of NYC Gold.

#21 Spencer on NYC Gold began putting on an absolute clinic, there wasn’t a thing going wrong for him anytime soon and then he gave his team a commanding lead going into the half, with NYC up 57-34.

The Dinosaurs tried to come out swinging with a quick basket but the second half was pretty much all NYC Gold just having fun. Staples was hitting 3’s everywhere, Hezigod was putting on an entertaining show, and Mosquito was throwing no-look passes into the air and somehow his teammates were always finding them. Mosquito’s defense was hands down one to remember: Jumping at everyone and everything, literally. Kalu on NYC Gold came in with a showtime block, RETURN TO SENDER He went toe to toe with #23 Dinosaurs & sent it out of there. It was now 100-58 with NYC Gold just having their way with eight minutes left in the game.

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