What a week in the world of XvsX Sports! With two more mind-blowing games in the books for our XvsX Sports Women’s and Men’s League, Powered by Boost Mobile, we are convinced that having too much talent in one place at one time is never a bad thing. Last week’s games featured Team Shontalene vs. Team MJ in our Women’s League and Team Chris Staples vs. Team Famous Los in our Men’s League. Let’s look at what went down.  

In our women’s game of the week, Team Shontalene claimed the victory over Team MJ in an exciting matchup. These ladies left it all on the court and competed ferociously on both the offensive and defensives ends, keeping all who were in attendance on the edge of their seats. Team Shontalene’s victory was hard-earned, as Team MJ pushed the boundaries on the offensive end, hitting nearly every shot that was taken. Although clearly a solid opponent, their stamina fell short in the final minutes of the game, which gave Team Shontalene the advantage they needed to pull away and ultimately secure the win.

Shooting guard Estela Gutierrez (@estelaaag_), who represented Team MJ, was the game’s standout shooter. She was on fire from the very first play of the game and was fearless in her pursuit to score, knocking down every shot she took and penetrating the goal aggressively to create even more opportunities to score. She carried her team offensively in both halves of the game and was one of the primary contributors to their overall success as a team, even though they came up short in the end.

Team captain MJ, whose real name is Maranne Johnson (@mjiceyy), maintained her composure as the team’s leader. Truly gifted and hardwired for competition, MJ did what she does best and made sure she capitalized on every chance she was given to score, all while demonstrating true class and poise as a captain.

Team Captain Maranne “MJ” Johnson

Another key contributor for Team MJ was Tal Sahar (@talsaharrr), a versatile and crafty guard who absolutely dominated the boards in rebounding and attacked the goal consistently. She along with the rest of her team put up such a relentless fight and it was nothing shy of impressive to witness.

Team Shontalene, led by Captain Shontalene Trudeau (@shontalene24), put on a phenomenal performance. Shontalene maintained her contention for the MVP title and proved once again why she deserves her recognition as a true basketball superstar. Although she typically plays as a forward, her quickness and ability to control her body served her well.

Team Captain Shontalene Trudeau

Team Shontalene is set to face Team Ariel in the next XvsX Sports Women’s League Showdown.  

The show didn’t stop there though. In fact, it was only getting started. In our XvsX Sports Men’s League, we were thoroughly entertained by powerhouse dunker Chris Staples (@everybody_hatechriss) and his team as they went up against the showman himself, Famous Los (@famouslos32), and his crew.

Staples undoubtedly put on a show-stopping performance and lived up to his slogan of being “more than a dunker” by scoring an impressive forty-two points, most of which came from behind the three-point line. His presence on the court was felt offensively and he had a lot of help from his teammate, Kwame “Hitman” Alexander (@hitman_44), who dominated the paint as a center.

Team Captain Chris Staples

Another standout player for Team Chris Staples was New Williams (@newwilliams_), whose vertical is so sick it should be illegal. Williams did an impressive job rebounding and was especially effective on the offensive boards with his rebound and put-back combinations.

Though it is without question that Team Chris Staples had an all-star lineup, they fell terribly short on the defensive end, which is what helped push Team Famous Los to the finish line first.

The spotlight stayed on team captain, Famous Los, for the entire game, not particularly for his playing, but for his stellar leadership. Los jumped to the frontline for his team and encouraged them every step of the way. Even more impressive was his ability to read the court so accurately and rotate his players in and out in a way that made sure his team controlled the pace of the game. His elite roster of athletes was well-planned and carefully executed, which only accentuated Famous Los’ brilliant mind for the game of basketball.

Team Captain Famous Los

Guard Kris Martin (@thekrismartin) was the clutch player of the game for Team Famous Los and Evin Bartlett (@evinbartlett) was hitting shots from all over the floor. From the perimeter to the paint to shooting over guards and taking it to the big men, Bartlett was unstoppable on the offensive end.

Team Famous Los will face off against Team Hezigod (@thehezigod) in this week’s matchup, which we are anticipating will be good. Hezigod, known for his ability to compete at a high level in one-on-one matchups, is a crowd favorite within the XvsX Sports realm. He is a stellar basketball player who has grown his social media following tremendously over the past year. He always comes ready to play, so we are ready to witness these two teams battle for the top spot!

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